Centre records are only recorded and validated for results that arise from competition held at Pitt Park on a designated Centre-wide competition day and for an event that is open for all eligible athletes on a specified competition program. This ensures that the ground conditions for any Centre records are consistent across all results and that the opportunity to set Centre records is open on a fair and equitable basis for all registered athletes.  For example, it would be unfair for a track record to be set on the grass track of Pitt Park and broken on a synthetic track elsewhere as it would mis-represent the ground records of the Centre.

Centre records cannot be set:

  • for events held at other Centres, grounds or championships (eg zone, region, state etc);
  • for any training activity, school event, other activity; or
  • where a normal competition program has been varied on the day of normal competition without the prior consent of the entire Centre Committee followed by the public notification of the resolution to all Centre participants present on the day.

For a record to be achieved in a field event the measurement of the distance must have been checked by 2 committee members at the actual time of measurement. In the case of high jump, 2 committee members must have checked the height of the bar BEFORE the record equalling or breaking jump.

For track records with manual timers at least 2 stopwatches must have been used with the slowest time taken and being checked by 2 committee members at the time.

The Katoomba Athletic records are attached here:  


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